Acapulco Beaches

All info on Acapulco beaches!

Acapulco Beaches

There is a lot to discover on your Acapulco vacation!
Acapulco is famous for its beaches: besides the Acapulco nightlife the beaches are one of the most popular attractions in this Mexican vacation destination.

There are a lot of beaches in and near Acapulco, and the best thing is, they come in a wide variety. In the center of the city you will find the more touristic ones, but when you go to the beaches on the outskirts of the city, it will seem as if you’re in a small Mexican fishing village.


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There are 2 types of beaches in Acapulco: the beaches within the protected areas inside Bahia Santa Lucia and Bahia de Puerto Marques, and the beaches in front of the open stretches of the Pacific Ocean.

The beaches inside the bay areas have calmer waters, whereas the beaches along the open stretches of the Pacific Ocean can have stronger waves.

acapulco beaches

Acapulco beaches

The ocean temperature in Acapulco: the Pacific Ocean average water temperature at Acapulco is 80°F. In December and January temperatures are lowest, with an average of 74°F. In summer the water temperature will rise above 82°F, so you can enjoy the Acapulco ocean all year round.

We will give you some information on the best Acapulco beaches, from the more secluded Acapulco beaches stretched northwest of the Acapulco bay along the Pacific coastline to the family beaches where you can stay with your children. Chairs, umbrellas, showers, hammocks and refreshments are available at most locations.

Beaches in Acapulco

Beaches in Acapulco

Pie de la Cuesta

Acapulco beach Pie de la Cuesta

For safety’s sake, avoid completely isolated Acapulco beaches on your Acapulco vacation, simply because it will means that it’s too dangerous to swim in the sea in these areas. Due to unpredictable or rough surfing conditions, the Acapulco beaches facing the open Pacific are better suited for watching the sky and its sunsets.The Acapulco beaches

Pie de la Cuesta (Foot of the Hill) is about 8 miles northwest of Acapulco. This uncrowded, golden-sand Acapulco beach offers a laid back alternative to the neon glow of the city and makes a good day trip on your Acapulco beach vacation. Palapa restaurants shaded by coconut palms are a perfect place to savor the locals seafood, caught fresh in the morning and broiled over charcoal fires. Watching the sun go down over the water is a daily ritual on Pie de la cuesta.

Local families line up rows of chairs towards the approaching Acapulco sunset and even the vendors’ heads turn at sunset. If there are clouds upon the horizon then the sky will appear a magnificent painting filled with vibrant colors and when the weather is perfect, the Pacific ocean turns into a pale gold slab as the sun drops. For a good choice of hotels with discount prices, visit Hotel Reservation in Acapulco for more information. lagoon.

Coyuca lagoon Acapulco

Coyuca lagoon Acapulco

Nearby is Coyuca Lagoon, a bird sanctuary separated from the ocean. Lined with mangroves, this huge freshwater lagoon is filled with catfish and mullet and populated by colorful tropical birds. Water skiing is very popular in here.

Playa La Angosta is in fact the small cove opening in front of the Pacific Ocean. Playa La Angosta is a small beach near La Quebrada, where you can see the famous cliff-divers.

La Quebrada is a very small beach with towering mountain cliffs. You can find cheap but good restaurants across the street, and chairs and umbrellas for rent on the beach. Fishermen sell their catch of the day on the beaches: fresh camarones! Good transport to the beach by public busses all along Costera Miguel Aleman.

Caleta beach

Caleta beach

Playa Caleta (Caleta beach) and twin beach playa Caletilla used to be known as the “Acapulco morning beaches”, because they are the first beaches to get sun in the morning. On the peninsula that contains Old Acapulco, they formerly attracted the city’s elite. Not quite so elegant today, these Acapulco beaches cater more to families. The ocean water is very calm here. Water sports equipment can be rented on-site. Be prepared for lots of vendors!

Families will certainly want to explore Magico Mundo Marino (Magic Marine World), between Caleta and Caletilla. Several indoor and outdoor marine life exhibits house alligators, sea lions and turtles.

Across from Caleta Beach is La Roqueta, a secluded island, a peaceful place to sunbathe, snorkel or windsurf. You’ve got to go to this Acapulco beach on your Acapulco vacation!

Roqueta beach

Roqueta beach

Playa La Condesa (la Condesa Beach): faces the middle of Acapulco Bay. Crowded with singles, this is the place to see and to be seen, view Acapulco most daring swimwear (on both sexes) and watch the parasailers. Along Costera Miguel Aleman there are many lunch spots.

Playa la condesa is located in one of the most popular tourist districts in the city.

revolcadero beach

Revolcadero beach

Playa Revolcadero (Revolcadero Beach): approximately half a mile beyond Puerto Marques, is popular for swimming and surfing, although the waves can be rough and there is a powerful undertow; less experienced swimmers should stay close to shore or out of the water at all! The wide strip of sand is well suited for those who enjoy horseback riding along this Acapulco beach.

Try one of the excellent seafood restaurants nearby. Playa Revolcadero is a good escape from the busier beaches along the main strip, with a lagoon ideal for waterskiing.

Playa Honda and Playa Manzanillo once were small but popular Acapulco beaches. They are located near Playa Caleta. Over the years the beaches have been neglected by city promotional efforts, and the quality of the water is too poor to swim nowadays. Residues of gasoline float on the water, coming from the city’s principal yacht club. The beaches are reachable by public buses along Costera Miguel Aleman, by taxi and by car.

Manzanillo beach Acapulco

Manzanillo beach Acapulco

Playa Tlacopanocha is an Acapulco beach along the city’s Malecon (sea walk), it is the closest beach to the Zocalo district. Because of its calm ocean waves, it is one of the most popular beach vacation spots for families with small children because the water is fairly safe. Beach restaurants, changing facilities, public bathrooms, parking lot, everything is available.

Playa Hornos (Hornos Beach): another set of twin Acapulco beaches are just off Costera Miguel Aleman, close to the center of Acapulco. The once-fashionable spot for Acapulco vacation afternoon bathers, both are now packed with Mexican tourists. Here the water of Acapulco Bay is calm and the sand is shaded by palms. Casual palapa restaurants line this Acapulco beach, offering visitors a number of eateries to choose from.

Playa Papagayo is a beach in front of the Bay and the Costera Miguel Aleman roadway. It has all the tourist services offered on many Acapulco beaches: chair and umbrella rentals, beach restaurants, water sports, parasailing etc. In the early hours you can find people searching the beach for shelves, stones and sea animals.

Each Winter in high season, many French Canadians and Europeans visit Acapulco and come to this beach.

It´s truly an international beach! The name Playa papagayo comes from Parque Papagayo (which is also worth a visit, a quiet oasis on a hot day).

Caleta beach Acapulco

Caleta beach Acapulco

Acapulco beach

Acapulco beach

Puerto Marques, which is lined with restaurants that are literally at the water’s edge, is popular with Mexican tourists and crowded on weekends. It is the first major beach outside central Acapulco; 10 miles SouthEast. It’s like another part of Mexico, very laid-back.

Icacos Beach: Playa Icacos is a favorite beach for vacationers and spring breakers. It is situated in front of La Palapa Hotel. Lots of water sports equipment can be rented, of course you will find parasailing here too.

The beach is 3 blocks away from Costera Miguel Aleman.

Playa Barra Vieja is located some 25 miles SE of the center of Acapulco.

The perfect destination for a day trip, you will enjoy it! It’s a very relaxed place to be, with excellent seafood specialties served at the beach restaurants. Choose from the many tours available; horseback rides, ATV rides etc. Most people drive their own or rental car to go to Playa Barra Vieja. Some small hotels here to spend the night.

Playa Pretil is not really a beach. It’s more like one of the most popular stretches of beachfront in Acapulco, lined with big hotels, resorts and condominiums. All the tourist services you would expect: food, beverage, chair and umbrella rental, jet ski’s, banana boat rides, etc. Located one-block back from Costera Miguel Aleman, it’s easy to reach the beach.

Some reminders: use sun protection, and please be careful when swimming or bodysurfing, because the ocean waves are usually dangerous. And not all beaches have saveguards!

Fishers at Acapulco beaches

Fishers at Acapulco beaches

Come and enjoy the Acapulco beaches on your Acapulco vacation!