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Acapulco, Mexico, instantly conjures images of idle Acapulco vacation days spent soaking up the sun at Acapulco beaches, and evenings of dining, dancing and enjoying the Acapulco nightlife. All fulfills the scenic requirements for a tropical Acapulco vacation destination.

What to do on your Acapulco vacation? In fact you will find almost everything you desire in Acapulco, from magnificent beaches, hotels and resorts in all classes to clubs, discos and big nigtclubs.


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And if you want to get away from the hotels, go to the outskirts of the city, only 15 miles from the center of Acapulco, and you will find yourself like you were in a small Mexican fishing village!

The lofty mountains and green foothills extend to the sparkling blue Acapulco beaches and bays. Tall palm trees stand silhouetted against picturesque sunsets. And the view of Acapulco beaches at night, set off by thousands of city lights is breathtaking.

But Acapulco has more to offer than beautiful weather and perfect beaches. Because of its great golf courses Acapulco has been a popular golf vacation destination for more than 30 years. One of the most famous Acapulco golf courses is the Club de Golf Acapulco Princess.

Acapulco nightlife

Acapulco nightlife

Divorce beach

Divorce beach

History of Acapulco

As early as the 1530’s, ships for exploration purposes were built at a Spanish settlement occupying the Acapulco’s present site. Due to its excellent natural harbor, Acapulco (the Indian name meaning “place where the reeds were destroyed”) became the main west coast seaport for the Manila galleons and their treasures from the Orient.

Acapulco was designated a city in 1599 and established as the only authorized trading port between the Americas and the Orient. From here silks, spices, and other exotic goods were carried over land on mules to Mexico City and then Veracruz for shipment to Spain.

Not until 1927 was a road cut through the Acapulco mountains to form an overland connection with Acapulco and the progressive cities to the north. When a new highway from Mexico City was completed in 1955, Acapulco was on its way to becoming Mexico’s most notorious beach vacation and party spot.

Acapulco hotelzone

Acapulco hotelzone

acapulco nights

Acapulco nights

Direct international air service in Acapulco began in 1964, and by the 70s, Acapulco became heaven for the international and Hollywood jet sets, as well as one of the world’s top vacation resort destinations. The glamour of Acapulco was started to be more famous than Mexico as a whole at that point in history.

Acapulco is definetely the mother of all other mexican beach vacation spot destinations. Everybody wanted a piece of Acapulco nights. You probably have seen great postals of Acapulco by night with all its great hotel accomodations a thousand times. I am sure you wished you were there.

The Acapulco beaches along the bay were transformed into a 9-mile swath of glitter and indulgence patronized by the Beautiful People (la gente bonita). However, 30 years of unmonitored growth eventually tarnished the vacation destination’s image.

Acapulco today

To maintain Acapulco’s standing as a world-class beach vacation destination –and to ward off the challenge of the rapidly developing Cancun- the Mexican government spent more than $500 million during the 1980s on re-development projects and plans for future improvements for Acapulco as a top Mexico beach vacation spot.

Actions taken include the “Clean Acapulco” program to clean up the water in the bay and beaches and new Acapulco vacation resort developments to get it back on track.

Acapulco hotels

Acapulco hotels

Some of Mexico’s finest hotels and resorts are still hosted in Acapulco. Guests are pampered in private villas with all the convenience or even stay at what used to be Elizabeth Taylor’s room at hotel Las Brisas Acapulco. You might want to visit the hotel Las Brisas Acapulco to take a look at its wonderful individual pools on the cliffs. From there, you will be able to enjoy a unique attraction with all lights reflecting on Acapulco bay calm waters.

Now, Acapulco attracts more than 5 million tourists annually who go on a Acapulco beach or golf vacation, that come not so much for sightseeing, but to relax.

Acapulco nightlife

Acapulco nightlife

Nightclubs in Acapulco

The Palladium: This nightclub is considered to be the heart of Acapulco nightlife: it’s the biggest and, according to the ‘incrowd’ the best club to dance. You will find everything you are looking for on your night out in the Palladium: the best dance music, friendly bar staff, an upscale interior design, and a really fantastic show after midnight makes the Palladium the hottest dance club in Acapulco. In fact the place is so popular that it may take you a while to be able to get in and have your tequila served! The Palladium is situated in Las Brisas.

El Alebrije: A popular disco for the younger people, most of the people you will see in El Alebrije are between 19 and 22 years old. The setting is excellent to meet new people because of the ways the seats are placed: somehow you can’t help but run into other people! The bartcrew and waiters do a really good job, and so does the DJ. Great place to dance.

Baby’O: The place to be for the Acapulco elite. This nightclub is not as big as the others, you will find younger and older people here, Baby’O is a really first class nightclub. This shows in the cover: about 50 American dollars, drinks not included! If you go for exclusivity, you should go to Baby’O.

Cabo beaches

Cabo beaches

NJoy: A really big nightclub/disco, with enough space to dance, dancers are all over the place.

Situated on La Costera. Best night to go to NJoy is Saturday, there will be a lot to see because of all the people that go dancin’ in NJoy.

Mandara (Formerly Enigma): Situated in Las Brisas next to Palladium, right under the after-hours club Privado, Mandara is one of the most elegant night clubs in Acapulco. Enjoy the bayview, we’re sure you will love it!

Mandara is THE nightclub to take your (girl)friend to and to hang out with the Acapulco upper class.

So come and enjoy the Acapulco beaches, the Acapulco weather, Acapulco nightlife or play golf at the Acapulco golf courses on your Acapulco Mexico vacation!