Cabo San Lucas Weather, Mexico

360 days of sun every year!

Los Cabos Weather

Cabo San Lucas weather boasts nearly 360 warm, sunny days throughout the year, Cabo (Los Cabos) has the perfect climate! The weather patterns in Cabo San Lucas are similar to Palm Springs, California or even Central Arizona. However Cabo San Lucas weather has low humidity and does not experience the extremes of desert temperatures (either hot or cold) because of the close proximity to the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez.

The average annual rainfall in Cabo San Lucas is 10 inches, almost all of the rain falls from june to september during the rainy season. The hottest months are July an August, the coldest months are January and February. The average air temperatures in winter go from 50 to 80º F., in summer they go from 70 to 100º F.


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The average ocean water temperature in this part of Mexico is 72º F., but from June till October water temperatures can go up to 85 degrees. The stormy season runs from July to October. At the Pacific Ocean side of Los Cabos temperatures are generally 10º F. cooler than at the Sea of Cortés.

In the winter season, the Mexican climate in Cabo San Lucas is warm and close to perfection. In Summertime the Cabo Mexico average weather is hotter, but there are almost always refreshing breezes coming from the ocean to cool the air up a little.

Cabo San Lucas Weather Monthly Average temperatures

Cabo San Lucas weather high average temperatures

Month °F °C
January 74 23
February 77 25
March 81 27
April 86 30
May 89 32
June 94 34
July 96 35
August 95 35
September 94 34
October 90 32
November 83 28
December 77 25
Cabo San Lucas Mexico Average Low Temperatures

Month °F °C
January 54 12
February 55 13
March 56 14
April 58 14
May 61 16
June 66 19
July 73 23
August 75 24
September 75 24
October 68 20
November 63 17
December 58 14
Cabo San Lucas sky

Cabo San Lucas sky

With the Cabo San Lucas summer temperatures come warm water temperatures and very pleasant evenings. Average ocean water temperatures range from the mid 70s in the winter months to mid 90s in the summer months. Spring and Fall sea temperatures average in the mid 80s.

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