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Cozumel weather and climate info, Mexico

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Cozumel’s weather and climate are similar to Cancun’s, after all the distance between them is only 45 miles.. Cozumel has a sub-tropical climate, which means high temperatures all year round! It doesn’t get colder than some 67 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can visit Cozumel every time of year.


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Rainy season in Cozumel lasts from June to October. Most of the time though, it will only rain in the afternoon or evening. These rains are refreshing, but at the same time they boast the humidity, which makes it feel more hot… September and October is the hurricane season, so rains may be harder, and it may rain more in the daytime. Humidity is fairly high all year round on Cozumel, but thanks to the cooling sea breeze it doesn’t feel that humid.

Cozumel Weather Monthly Average temperatures

Cozumel weather high average temperatures

Month °F °C
January 70 21
February 73 23
March 77 25
April 79 26
May 81 27
June 77 25
July 77 25
August 75 24
September 73 23
October 72 22
November 72 22
December 72 22
Cozumel weather low average temperatures

Month °F °C
January 45 7
February 48 9
March 52 11
April 54 12
May 55 13
June 55 13
July 54 12
August 54 12
September 54 12
October 52 11
November 50 10
December 46 8


Cozumel has a tropical savanna climate, similar to a tropical monsoon climate. It has a short dry season is short, from February to April. But even during dry season you can expect rain. The wet season is long, from March to January, September and October being months with the most rain. Thunderstorms can occur during the wet season.