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Guadalajara weather, climate, rainfall, average temperatures and current weather, average and low and high temperatures

Guadalajara has a warm temperate climate with dry winters and hot summers. Guadalajara lies some 3,000 meters above sealevel, so the weather and climate are very mild and pleasant whole your through. May and June are normally the hottest months with the highest temperatures, reaching up to 95 °F


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During the winter months the evening temperatures can drop to 41°F, so be sure to take some warm clothes from november to February. Summer temperatures are normally around 85°F.

The warm season lasts from April to June with an average daily high temperature around 80°F. The cold season lasts from End November to February with an average daily high temperature below 69°F. Spring is the hottest time of year in Guadalajara because of the abundant sunshine.

Guadalajara Weather Monthly Average temperatures

Guadalajara weather high average temperatures

Month °F °C
January 80 27
February 81 27
March 82 28
April 84 29
May 88 31
June 88 31
July 90 32
August 90 32
September 89 32
October 88 31
November 83 28
December 81 27
Guadalajara weather low average temperatures

Month °F °C
January 67 19
February 68 19
March 70 21
April 71 22
May 73 23
June 78 26
July 79 26
August 77 25
September 77 25
October 75 24
November 71 21
December 69 20
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Rainy season in Guadalajara starts in June, but humidity level never gets that high. This makes that even summertime is a great place to visit Guadalajara. Most rain will fall in the afternoon and evening, and most of the time only for a couple of hours. What better refreshment can you wish for!