Huatulco Vacation Info

All info for your Huatulco Vacation!

Huatulco Vacation Info

Planning a vacation is not an easy job, especially when it comes to choosing the destination. Here, you can see some valuable information about Huatulco, a wonderful destination to spend your holiday. Huatulco is a tourist development in the center of La Crucecita, Mexico. This tourist destination is situated on the Pacific coast in the state of Oaxaca, about 500 km south of Acapulco, Guerrero, where the Sierra Madre del Sur Mountains intersect with the Pacific Ocean.


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Huatulco offers a variety of accommodations, such as rooms for rent, vacation condominiums, small economy hotels, luxury resorts and luxury oceanfront villas. This amazing destination also offers a large variety of restaurants, where visitors can sample the very tasty food specific to the area.

There are nine bays in Huatulco, from which it is believed that five or six will be developed in the future. Huatulco is divided into three main areas: Tangolunda, Crucecita and Santa Cruz. The best developed area of these three is Tangolunda Bay, which offers wonderful resorts and an amazing 18-hole golf course.

Huatulco vacation info

Huatulco vacation info

Huatulco offers visitors high quality resorts, yet it does not come out with extreme luxurious amenities. Tourists who choose Huatulco as their vacation destination will get relaxation, eco-tourism and access to affordable water-sports. Nightlife in this destination is existent, yet it is not as extravagant as in other destinations of Mexico. Huatulco offers a series of clubs, nightclubs, hotel parties, bars and restaurants.

Huatulco beaches

Huatulco beaches

If you choose to visit Huatulco, here are the main activities and attractions in this area:

  • Impressive beaches. The beaches of Huatulco offer access to amazing, crystal-clear blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. You can have a wonderful time swimming, bathing and snorkeling in these stunning waters. On most of the beaches, you can have a moment of relaxation in the available restaurants and bars.
  • Water Sports. The most popular water sport around is snorkeling. If you wish to go snorkeling on your vacation, you can rent the necessary snorkeling equipment. Another water sport that is also popular in Huatulco is river rafting.
  • Local cruises. You can take a cruise along the shore of Huatulco to explore the beautiful nature with the bays and beaches that this area offers. Opt for a commercial tour, which consists of a large boat, or hire a small boat and boatman for a private cruise.

If you wish to go to a place where relaxation and well-being is the primary goal, then Huatulco is the perfect choice for you!