Mazatlan Weather

All info on Mazatlan climate!

Mazatlan weather, an enjoyable tropical climate!

Mazatlan weather, as most Mexico vacation spots, is very comfortable. Temperatures in Mazatlan during the day are regularly around 84 F, and the rainy season just takes a minor portion of the year.

Unlike Acapulco or Puerto Vallarta that share the same Pacific Coast, the Mazatlan climate is a bit different. In winter months temperatures can go down to 67 F in the mornings or at night, but then goes up again to approximately 80 F.


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The climate in Mazatlan in summer months is much more humid and a little hotter. It is mainly the humidity that will make you sweat. It’s almost 80 F at night and above 90 F during the day.

The rainy season in Mazatlan is from May to September, the rainiest period being July to September. Again rain mainly comes in the late afternoon or early morning. Don’t worry, Mazatlan weather will give you a lot of sun!

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Mazatlan Weather Monthly Average temperatures

Mazatlan weather high average temperatures

Month °F °C
January 80 27
February 82 28
March 84 29
April 85 29
May 88 31
June 89 32
July 81 28
August 92 33
September 92 33
October 88 31
November 84 80
December 82 80
Mazatlan weather low average temperatures

Month °F °C
January 67 19
February 68 20
March 71 22
April 73 23
May 76 24
June 77 25
July 78 26
August 77 25
September 77 25
October 75 24
November 71 22
December 69 21


The climate of Mazatlán is transitional Tropical wet and dry , with a marked dry season in the winter, and a dry season that  is longer than most similar areas. The wet season (July to September) is short, very rainy, and very humid.

In January 2008, the lowest recorded temperature in Mazatlán thus far during this century occurred at 2 °C, despite the city’s location