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Mexico Beaches

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From secluded beaches to the busy beaches of Cancun, you can’t go wrong in Mexico! There are more than 450 beaches along the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf of California and the Caribbean Sea. you will find beaches that are intertwined with the desert, the mountains or with the lush jungle.

Together with the fantastic Mexican climate we offer all the ingredients for a fabulous vacation!

On this website we feature the beaches in Mexico’s most popular destinations. Discover new places, and read more about familiar ones.


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Acapulco beaches

Acapulco is famous for its beaches, besides its nightlife. Be sure to carry your sunscreen on your visit to the Acapulco beaches!

Some of the most famous Acapulco Beaches are:

Caleta Beach: In earlier days this was the most popular beach in Acapulco. Caleta beach is located in the “old” part of the city. It’s a popular beach for families with kids because the sea is somewhat calmer then in other areas.

Condesa Beach: In the center of Acapulco Bay, Condesa beach is a popular beach for locals and tourists.

Icacos Beach: In front of La Palapa Hotel, Playa Icacos is a favorite beach also. There are a lot of things to do for vacationers and spring breakers. You can go Parasailing and do all kinds of watersports.

Puerto Marques: The favorite beach of many Mexican tourists. Puerto Marques is located on the way to the airport. The sea is fairly calm at Puerto Marques beach. It’s a good beach for swimming and relaxing in the sun.

Pie de la Cuesta: A beautiful Acapulco beach to watch the sunset. Waves can be high at Pie de la Cuesta, so swimming might not always be a good idea. Go and have dinner at the very good seafood restaurants, visit the lagoon and go waterskiing!

Revolcadero Beach: In front of the Princess Hotel close to the airport. Playa Revolcadero is a relatively private, beautiful Acapulco beach. If you don’t stay at Princess, it might be a long trip by bus. It’s worth while though, you can relax here, Revolcadero beach is a more exlusive Mexico beach.

La Bonfil: One of the best beaches for surfing. La Bonfil is also good for a swim, although the waves might be rather high. La Bonfil is located between Revolcadero Beach and Puerto Marques, so it will take you some time to get to La Bonfil. There are not that many vendors at La Bonfil, it’s a quite peaceful beach usually.

Hornos Beach: Nearer to the town itself. The waves are calmer than most other Acapulco beaches.

Mexico beaches

Mexico beaches

Riviera Maya Beaches

In the Riviera Maya we invite you to visit the golden Cancun beaches or relax in Playa Del Carmen’s luxury resorts. As you probably know, it is the first Mexico Beach Vacation spot.

Playa Las Perlas: 1,5 mile at the beginning of the Hotel Zone.

Great beach to swim, relax and enjoy watersports. The shuttle to Isla Mujeres departs here. Many restaurants and bars situated along the coast.

Playa Linda: Situated at the Hotel Zone. Take Dive tours, the Submarine and shuttle to Isla Mujeres departs from here.

Playa Langosta: 5 km in the Hotel Zone. Playa Langosta is a clean beach, good for swimming, to enjoy the many water sports, there are many restaurants and bars along the beach. You will find a dock with shuttles to Isla Mujeres and dive/snorkel tours here too.

Playa Caracol: 6 km in the Hotel Zone near Punta Cancun. A great beach for children because of undeep sea. One of the most crowded beaches along the strip. You’ll find restaurants, bars and numerous activities here.

Cancun mexico beaches

Cancun mexico beaches

Pacific Coast beaches

On Mexico’s Pacific coast you’ll find beaches in Puerto Vallarta, the friendliest city in the world and Mexico’s second most visited travel destination.

Yelapa, Puerto Vallarta: A great place to go to by boat for a day-trip (the only possible way tot get to Yelapa IS by boat..). Actually Yelapa is even better to spend the night. A Mexican village muy tranquilo…

Boca de Tomatlan, Puerto Vallarta: Authentic fishing village, about 10 miles south of Puerto Vallarta.

El Anclote, Puerto Vallarta: Situated north of Puerto Vallarta, accessible by a long winding road along mango groves. Nice quiet beach

Playa Las Animas, Puerto Vallarta: Isolated beach south of Puerto Vallarta, only accessible by boat.

Mazatlan offers a variety of interests from the natural tropical environment with great Mazatlan beaches to traditional bullfights or even baseball at the professional level.

The emerging destination for Mexico beach vacations is Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, which is soon becoming Mexico’s top destination for beaches, golf and sport fishing.

In the northwestern part of Mexico is Rocky Point, Puerto Peñasco, separated from Cabo by the golf of California and is famous for the blue shrimp found off their coast. Great real estate developments, timeshare resorts, great Mexican beaches and professional golf courses.

Don’t forget the basic things before going on vacation to Mexico beaches!

Mazatlan beaches

Mazatlan beaches

Mexican Playa

Mexican Playa