Rocky Point Weather

All info on Rocky Point climate!

The perfect climate for your Mexico Vacation!

Rocky Point weather – Puerto Peñasco can be easily summed up with two words: shining sun. And because Rocky Point weather produces only 2 inches of rain a year we are sure you will find the Rocky Point climate perfect for your Mexico vacation!


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In summertime temperatures are really high, they range from 80 to 105 degrees F, but because of the humidity combined with the heat it can feel a lot hotter! But don’t worry, we told you Rocky Point has the perfect climate: the everblowing ocean breeze will refresh you!

Rocky Point Weather Monthly Average temperatures

Rocky Point weather high average temperatures

Month °F °C
January 56 80
February 59 80
March 66 80
April 75 80
May 81 80
June 87 80
July 90 80
August 88 80
September 84 80
October 75 80
November 68 80
December 59 80
Rocky Point weather low average temperatures

Month °F °C
January 33 80
February 35 80
March 42 80
April 49 80
May 58 80
June 66 80
July 70 80
August 69 80
September 63 80
October 51 80
November 43 80
December 36 80

During springtime temperatures range from 60 to 80 degrees F.

The rainy season during the summer in Rocky Point produces heavy but short rains; the ‘monsoons.’ They can leave trees uprooted and roads in the desert can be washed out. In wintertime you may experience some light rainfalls now and then.

The Rocky Point summer ocean water temperature is at least 80 degrees F.

Come and enjoy the Rocky Point weather on your Mexico vacation!